Counterstrike (1969 TV series)

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Name: Counterstrike
Date(s): 1969
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: UK
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Counterstrike was a short-lived BBC TV science-fiction series, filmed in black and white and transmitted in September-November 1969. Ten 50-minute episodes were made, but only nine were transmitted, one was pulled for an extended news report and never shown. The series aired after 9 PM so tended to cover more adult themes than other British SF of the period, but failed to make much of an impression on the public and was never repeated. Most episodes were subsequently erased and lost by the BBC. There has never been a release on tape or DVD.

The hero, "journalist" Simon King (played by Jon Finch) was an alien secret agent of the Intergalactic Council based on Earth and aided by Mary (Sarah Brackett), a human. He was one of several agents assigned to prevent an invasion from another group of aliens, the Centaurans, whose world was becoming uninhabitable and wanted to use Earth as a staging point for an invasion of the Council's territory. The invading species could not pass for human so used human agents in their plots. Essentially Earth was shown as an expendable pawn in a cold war between two alien nations; King's aim was protect the Council's systems, and protecting humans was very much a secondary goal. In a typical episode the Centaurans would try out a new form of attack, King or his associates would notice something wrong and investigate and fix the problem. Methods used included stock market manipulation via a remotely-controlled ticker tape owned by the richest man in the world (with an eventual goal of crashing financial systems and triggering a war), mind control which led to violence and aggressive sexual behavior, artificial diseases, and other ploys.

The show was very much a product of the "swinging sixties" and King and his associates lived in very modern homes, wore the latest fashions, drove expensive sports cars, etc. It mostly seems to be remembered more for its style than for the actual story.


There appears to be no online fandom. It's possible that there was fanfic etc. in print media at the time the series was made.

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