Corvus Cormax

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Title: Corvus Cormax
Publisher: Donda and Icarus
Date(s): May 06, 2018
Medium: print
Size: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm, 86 Pages
Fandom: Mad Max: Fury Road
Language: English
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Corvus Cormax is a gen Mad Max: Fury Road fanzine. The story is by Donda, the art is by Icarus.


Max finds himself on the wrong end of a curse and has to deal with life as a raven. Being a corvid doesn't make life in the wasteland any easier. Max still has to make his way to safety, save his car, win road battles and break his curse - if it isn't too late. Action, drama, and magic in this creative collaboration by Icarus and Donda.

Author's Commentary

Sample page
This has been a long time coming, but what with Corvus Cormax winning one of the awards in the recent Mad Max Fanfic Awards @so-shiny-so-chrome, this seemed like a good time to finally get this out there

So. Now YOU TOO can own your very own copy of Corvus Cormax, complete with the full story by myself (Donda on AO3) AND all of the raven!Max art, both original and story-inspired by @icarus-doodles / @icarusdusoleil

Much much thanks to @thebyrchentwigges for doing pretty much all the work of actually building and formatting this book for publication - I would have been lost without her!

And as a note: this is purely a fanwork, and neither Icarus, Byrch, nor myself are making any money off the sales of this book. What you pay is solely the base cost for materials and work charged by Blurb to produce the item. Profit isn’t the point, the point is to share with all of you something that we loved creating and hopefully you will enjoy owning <3 [1]