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Name: Coollist (also Cool List)
Dates: 1997 – 2009 or later
Type: mailing list provider
Fandom: general
URL: (Wayback Machine link)
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Coollist was a mailing list service launched in 1997[1]—possibly the first service of its kind.

Mark Fletcher, the founder of ONElist, wrote about getting the idea for his own, similar site:

Create a list, have people subscribe to the list by adding their email address, and then by sending an email to a special email address, it's automatically distributed to everyone who has subscribed. Mailing lists had been around for almost as long as email itself, but they were very difficult to set up and use. I thought that this would be a great application for the Web.

I did a quick search to see if anyone else was running a service like I envisioned. I came across one potential competitor, Coollist. My disappointment lasted only until I realized that they weren't doing a very good job. In fact, if you believed all the complaints about them on USENET, they sucked. There was room for a better service. Or at least one that sucked less. And so, I began. -- Mark Fletcher, The ONElist File

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