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Journal Community
Name: Cookleta
Date(s): 3 April 2008-15 June 2022
Moderator: rajkumari905, timeofdying
Founder: zombiecar
Type: Fanworks
Fandom: David Archuleta/David Cook of American Idol
URL: LiveJournal

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cookleta is a friendslocked LiveJournal community for the RPF ship David Archuleta/David Cook. It is "the first and largest community" for the ship; in the welcome post in April 2008, founder zombiecar says there were no fanfics written about the ship yet, and that zombiecar invented the shipname, cookleta.[1]

The community also has a tumblr, heckyeahcookleta.

As of 2023, the community has 5,686 posts; 101,267 comments; and 1,989 members.[2] It was most active circa 2008-2010, with activity tapering off along with fandom's move away from LiveJournal.


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