Conversations About Hanson

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Fan Comic
Title: Conversations About Hanson
Artist: Megan Campbell
Date(s): 2017
First Published: Tumblr
Medium: pen and ink
Genre/Style: commentary and humor
Fandom: Hanson
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Conversations about Hanson #20: Intersectionality

Conversations About Hanson is a Hanson fancomic by Megan Campbell. The comic discusses issues of body shaming, feminism and social justice in the Hanson fandom, but never takes itself too seriously, often mocking the artist herself as much as it mocks other fans. The art style is deliberately poor, with the comics being nothing more than stick figures drawn in pen on notebook paper, which are then photographed rather than scanned.

Megan also uses the Tumblr on which the comic is posted to respond to discussions in the fandom.