Consenting Adults of Darkover

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Filk Album
Album Title: Consenting Adults of Darkover
Producer: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date: 1993
Medium: audio cassette
Fandom: Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover
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Consenting Adults of Darkover is a 1993 cassette of songs and filksongs and a songbook.

The music was "Recorded, mixed & mastered at Flowinglass Studio, Oakland," California, U.S.A., and songbook had cover art by Margaret Davis.[1]

art by Margaret Davis

The original price was $11 for the tape and $5 for the songbook.

The title comes from Bradley's comment about filk music: "Marion always said that "filk singing should be done in private by consenting adults." [2]

See Bradley's Attitudes Regarding Filks.


Side A:

  • Tha mi sgith [Trad. Scots] (Margaret Davis)
  • The Chieri [McQuillin] (Kristoph Klover) (Cindy McQuillin performed it at Consonance 2003)
  • Judith's Song [Braskat-Crowe] (Linda von Braskat-Crowe)
  • Arilinn Tower Bettina Helms/trad. (Jane Robinson)
  • Lament of the Comyn Keeper [McQuillin] (McQuillin)
  • Seagull of the Land-Under-Waves [Trad. Scots] (Margaret Davis)
  • The Outlaw [Bradley] (Margaret Davis)
  • Chains [McQuillin] (McQuillin,Margaret Davis, Klover, Robinson)
  • Golden Bell [McQuillin] (McQuillin)

Side B:

  • Bridal Lament [McQuillin] (McQuillin)
  • The Terran's Lament Bettina Helms/trad. (Jane Robinson)
  • Come to me Bredha [Wayne] (Tracey Blackstone)
  • Caristiona [Trad. Scots] (Margaret Davis)
  • Exile [McQuillin] (Kristoph Klover)
  • The Dimover National Anthem [Hedrick/McQuillin/Wayne] ()
  • Darkover Wedding Song [McQuillin] (Margaret Davis)
  • Lament of a Drytown Bride [McQuillin] (McQuillin)
  • Fiona's Song [Bradley/trad.] (Margaret Davis)
  • Dori Lee's Song [Bradley&Wayne/Sullivan] (Moira Breen)
  • Aldones Bless the Human Elbow [Bradley/trad.] (chorus)