Comrades (Professionals story)

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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Comrades
Author(s): Vermilion Angel (aka Vermilioncola)
Date(s): 2008
Length: 10,967 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: online here[1]

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Comrades is a Professionals slash story by Vermilion Angel.


Author's summary: "What do you get when you cross two CI5 men, two Russians, and a caravan?"


"I thought Comrades by VA was a great read on more than one level. I'm hard to please and tend to avoid stories which set out consciously or solely to be 'funny'. I don't feel canon lads make *that* big a deal out of humour - their light banter and flippant, throwaway lines just seem to happen as naturally as breathing, whether it be playing down a potentially life threatening situation or just chatting away in the car, the way they relate to each other with humour and affectionate banter is their hallmark and I find it very endearing. I feel this is exactly what the author manages to capture so deftly in Comrades: the lads' voices. I really like this writer’s work (I’m sure it’s harder than it looks but she seems to write with such ease) and I've a special fondness for Interlude. What I love about this particular story is the writer’s sense of place and her ability to capture the unmistakable atmosphere and character of large areas of London. There's just something about the bleakness of the London scenes she describes - bleak and barren - but not necessarily a negative kind of bleakness for the London she writes about is also the home Not tourist London but the London most tourists don’t see or experience: tower blocks, used syringes, dingyness, crime – bleak and lacking, paralleled by the lads’ attempt hopelessness bleakness, but if you like, a bleakness which has a kind of beuaity, because it’s still a home. S o I think she succeeds in doing what canon does as well capture so deftly in Comrades: the lads' voices."[2]
"I just LOVE drunk Bodie, but that's no surprise, of course. :) Such a sad and sweet scene, too. And Doyle's sympathy the next morning is pretty heart-warming. And, of course, this whole thing is just bloody funny as hell! :D Love the banter - you're just so good at it, it's ridiculous! Great read!"[3]
"That was really good - very amusing, very in character, and I did have to chuckle at drunk-Bodie even though there was a very sweet message behind it all. Nicely done :)[4]
"Cleanly written, enjoyable repartee, and main characters who are... well, in character. Even the the "villians" are three-dimensional. Loved it! By the way, is there anything Cowley doesn't have a hand in in England?[5]


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