Coming of Age (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Coming of Age
Publisher: Spirits Unlimited
Editor(s): Lisa Lovewell
Date(s): 1996-
Medium: print
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's website
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Coming of Age is a gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Coming of Age 1 (175 pgs) It was published in 1996. Fiction by Lisa Lovewell, Karen Judson, Wendy Grice, Judy Diss, Karen Ford, Deborah Bryant. Art by Betty Johnston and J.M. McClure. Full color photo cover.

  • Coming of Age, by Lisa Lovewell. When a death shatters Peter's reality, it initiates the start of a downward spiral that is only complicated by the impending fate of loved ones and the courage that the detective must somehow regain.
  • For Love, by Karen Judson. Peter is found after missing for months, and Caine must break his son out of the confines of insanity.
  • Betrayal, by Karen Judson. Someone realizes the true meaning of love when another dies to save his life.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Coming of Age 2 (289 pgs) It was published in 1996. Fiction by Lovewell, Karen Judson, Sue Diver, Colleen Newton. Art by J.M. McClure, Betty Johnston, & Kerry O'Connor. Full color cover.

  • Timeless Love (novella) by Lisa Lovewell and Karen Mary Judson. A serial killer seeks to destroy Peter's life on person at at ime, pitting son against father, and thrusting the detective into the arms of a love he thought he'd never find again in this lifetime.
  • Betrayal, by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. Caine goes on a secret mission, but his son never imagined how far he would go to protect his cover.
  • Stalked, by Karen Judson. Revenge is the word when a psycho threatens Detective Powell and everyone around her.
  • The Demons Within, by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. An exorcism backfires when Peter jumps in, and two fathers are forced to make a difficult decision.
  • The Search, by Karen Judson. A holiday in the mountains turns desperate when Peter disappears and Caine is forced into a race against the clock to save his son.
  • May I Shop With You? by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. Enough said.
  • The Final Journey, by Karen Mary Judson and Lisa Lovewell. Peter and his loved ones must face the greatest challenge of all.
  • Reflections in the Key of Love, by Lisa Lovewell. The legend continues as a relentless new Shaolin priest drags Kermit to Paris in the hopes of finding his father and learning the truth about Laura Caine.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Coming of Age 3 (389 pgs). It was published in 1997. Fiction by Lisa Lovewell, Jan P. Kraft, Sue Diver, Colleen Newton, Karen Mary Judson, Wendy Grice and many more. Art by Jeanne McClure, Betty L. Johnston, Tonya Hagen. Color cover.

  • Dimensional Fortitude, by Lisa Lovewell. Trapped between relentless nightmares and an unimaginable reality, Peter risks his own mortality to save his father.
  • Web of Evil, by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. Long-buried memories come to light when the gang rallies against a Chinatown child killer.
  • Once and Future Shaolin, by Lisa Lovewell and Karen Mary Judson. Chinatown madness pales in comparison when the gang...snitches and all...are thrust into Camelot for the bizarrest King Arthur story that ever could be.
  • Faith, by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. Kermit and Caine hit the road in search of Peter, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law through a misfortunate series of events.
  • Dig Two Graves, by Deb Parizek and Rhonda Hallstrom. When Caine blames himself for failing to save a good friend, Peter alone must face an evil from their past and show his father a path out of the darkness.
  • Incredible Journey, by Karen Mary Judson. Knowing Karen, a Star Trek crossover was inevitable. Say, Lieutenant Caine, we need more power!
  • For the Love of a Son, by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. Peter and the Blaisdells face the challenge of their life when an evil Kwai Chang Caine surfaces following a chance explosion.

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Coming of Age 4 (383 pgs) It was published in 1998. Fiction by Lisa Lovewell & Karen Judson, Karen Ford, Sue Diver & Colleen Newton, Diane Brischke, and more. Art by J.M. McClure, Trish Ringo and Betty Johnson.

  • Fathers and Sons by Karen Judson
  • Body and Soul by Karen Ford
  • Codename: Destiny by Lisa Lovewell & Karen Judson
  • Into the Light by Sue Diver & Colleen Newton
  • Undercover by Diane Brischke
  • A Deadly Love by Karen Judson
  • Shadows by Karen Ford
  • Forbidden Love by Karen Judson
  • Bullet for the Teacher by Diane Brischke
  • Secret of Rock Creek by Karen Judson

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Coming of Age 5 (372 pgs) It was published in 1999.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Coming of Age 6 It was published in 2000 and contains 351 pages.

  • Boot Camp by DAVID CARRADINE and Patrick Culliton. We are thrilled to present the premiere of David's original script to "Special Forces", which he submitted to us himself. Not only is it nothing like the episode that aired, it's hilarious, campy and never before seen by any fans, anywhere. Definitely worth the read!
  • Voices of Reason by Kassie Long. Sometimes growing up just doesn't mean a driver's license for an eager young man. Sometimes it means heartbreak.
  • Finishing the Dance by JP Kraft. A short story about the narrow passage between life and death and who just might linger there...
  • The Serpents of Destiny by Sue Diver & Colleen Newton. It's a classic whodunit when a Blaisdell family friend is murdered, forcing Caine and Peter to work alongside a no-nonsense investigator.
  • Big Brother by Diane Brischke. Kelly finds her coming of age, just in time to drag Peter on his latest road trip.
  • Memories of Loss by Jessica Bibb. A revelation forces Caine to deal with his worst nightmare.
  • Father and Son by Kassie Long. A sweet vignette about remembering what is important in life.
  • Courage Under Fire by Denise Edge. Long before Peter's dark visions of Bill Eagleton, there was an academy graduation... and an open position at the 101st Precinct
  • Flash of Insight by Debbie Eng. Blinded on the job, Peter struggles to see the world through Annie's eyes.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter by Lisa Lovewell. Several years have passed since Pop left for Paris, leaving a bitter son with little faith, unable to remember why he wanted to be a priest in the first place.
  • Thicker Than Water by Kassie Long and Cindy Taylor. A kidnapping leads to an unplanned family reunion. This is going to be a LONG day!
  • Sherwood Forest by Denise Edge. The ancient legend takes on a whole new dimension when Blaisdell gets lost in the mountains.
  • Stray by Linda Nordeck. A short piece about a temporary family member.
  • East Meets West by Sharon Palmer. Just when you thought the coast was clear, here comes a Kung Fu: The Legend Continues musical!
  • Kinship by Joann Stroh. A member of Dragonswing returns, not to reclaim a town, but to reclaim something more important... his family.

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Lisa Lovewell

Coming of Age 7 was published in 2002. (From a distributor, Agent With Style: "In this 350-paged gen zine, you'll find such wonderful tales as: One cop with amnesia plus two crooks with an agenda equals chaos. But what else did you expect? -- Peter finds real love for the first time, but with someone who can never be with him. Yes, there had to be a catch somewhere... -- Peter's not speaking to Caine, who just returned from his six-month absence. But that's just the start of his problems when bad guys want him dead and friends from the Dragonswing turn out to be more than just weapons experts. And much more!")

  • Prisoners of War by Lisa Lovewell and Karen Mary Judson. When Peter and Caine share strange dreams, they head for South America . . . in search of someone they never thought they’d find. (1)
  • Caine's and Peter's Ladyfriends by Sandra Batchford. (73)
  • Corruption by Sue Diver and Colleen Newton. One cop with amnesia plus two crooks with an agenda equals chaos. But what else did you expect? (75)
  • Poem by J.P. Kraft (125)
  • This and That by Lisa Lovewell (126)
  • The Longest Journey by Karen Mary Judson. The Caines find themselves in the world of Stargate when old friend Jack O’Neill enlists their aid to heal a dying man. (Stargate SG-1 crossover) (131)
  • The Gift by Diane Brischke. A sweet short about Annie Blaisdell and a very unexpected gift. (160)
  • Time Prisoners II by Lisa Lovewell. Salitin promised revenge . . . and gets it, when he causes Peter to disappear without a trace. Where do his friends and family even begin to look before time runs out? (170)
  • Full Circle by C.J. Parker. A poetic trilogy that outlines the mysteries of life and destiny. (211)
  • The Awakening by Lisa Lovewell. What do you do when you wake up with a face that’s not your own, a criminal record, and a teenage daughter you don’t remember? (217)
  • Chris Potter by Melissa McNeill (269)
  • Broken Love by Karen Mary Judson. Peter finds real love for the first time, but with someone who can never be with him. Yes, there had to be a catch somewhere. (270)
  • Dear Mother by Shannon Hummel. A letter Peter might have written to his mother at the end of Requiem had he known Caine would be leaving to search for her. (300)
  • Laura by Lisa Lovewell (303)
  • Definitely About Family by Joann Stroh. Peter’s not speaking to Caine, who just returned from his six month absence. But that's just the start of his problems when bad guys want him dead and friends from the Dragonswing turn out to be more than just weapon experts. (307)


  • Lisa Lovewell (front cover)
  • Betty Johnson (interior artwork)

Issue 8


Coming of Age 8 was published in April 2009 and contains 200 pages.

  • Forgotten by Lisa Lovewell. Destiny returns Pop and Peter to the orphanage where Peter’s darkest years were spent . . . and where they uncover a long-hidden secret. (3)
  • 88 Episodes Quiz, Pt. 1 by Lisa Lovewell (52)
  • Broken Love, the Sequel by Karen Mary Judson. A follow-up to the foreign intrigue story in Coming of Age VII, that picks up where Peter and his soul mate have left off. (53)
  • 88 Episodes Quiz, Pt. 2 by Lisa Lovewell (63)
  • Sacred Trust by Lisa Lovewell. Another murder mystery; how could Caine have killed Kermit? Peter is the only one who believes there is another truth, although his own doubts are rising. (64)
  • 88 Episodes Quiz, Pt. 3 by Lisa Lovewell (97)
  • Two of a Kind by Lisa Lovewell. Salitin strikes again, sending Peter and Kermit into the past. Can they locate Caine in 1980 and convince him that they are who they claim to be? (98)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Sandra Batchford (133)
  • 88 Episodes Quiz, Pt. 4 by Lisa Lovewell (135)
  • Great Expectations by Lisa Lovewell. A night of desperate need causes an unexpected situation for Peter and Jody, who are soon embroiled in a dangerous undercover operation. (136)
  • Crossword Answers by Sandra Batchford (195)
  • 88 Episodes Quiz Answers by Lisa Lovewell (196)


  • Lisa Lovewell (front cover)

Issue 9

COA IX Memorial.jpg

Coming of Age 9 was published in 2009 and contains 212 pages; it is a tribute to David Carradine. Cover art by Lisa Lovewell; interior art by Betty Johnston.

  • Boot Camp Script by David Carradine. The original script that became the aired episode "Special Forces," written by one of the show's stars. Not only is it much better than the actual episode that aired, it's hilarious, campy and only found in this zine. (1)
  • Rewind by Lisa Lovewell. Morning comes, the day passes, someone dies. Morning comes, the day passes, someone dies. Looks like a certain priest has his work cut out for him, lest the outcome become permanent... (54)
  • Three Weeks by Lisa Lovewell. An Air France flight crashes into the ocean, but miraculously all but five passengers survive. When passenger Kwai Chang Caine is missing and presumed drowned, Peter is still hopeful. Three weeks later, with no word or sign, is Peter just kidding himself? (90)
  • The Search by Karen Mary Judson. What was supposed to be a peaceful camping trip for Peter and Pop turns into a desperate search by a father for a dying son. Will he find Peter before it's too late? (114)
  • Peter Lawrence, Attorney at Law by Lisa Lovewell. In an alternate universe, Peter is an overworked criminal lawyer appointed by the Court as defense counsel to an odd felon named Matt Avery. Avery is a familiar-looking, mysterious, long-haired, social, smart-mouthed hippie who doesn't think much of his new attorney. Until they both start having visions of Chinatown. (131)
  • Starting Over by Lisa Lovewell. Kwai Chang Caine is shot and killed while assisting in childbirth and everyone is devastated. While a grieving Peter is forced to handle making arrangements for a traditional Chinese funeral ceremony, he keeps encountering an amnesiac young man. There seems to be some sort of connection between them, but neither knows why. (156)
  • The Long and Winding Road by Lisa Lovewell. Peter is inadvertently transported back to 1964, where he gives a ride to a stranded young woman. Normally, that's not a problem. Unless that woman is your future mother, and you've just interrupted what was to be your parents' first meeting. (193)
  • Parting Thoughts by Various. Quotes from characters on the show, having to do with loss, life and dealing with both. (212)