Coloured Grey

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Name: Coloured Grey
Date(s): December 2003[1] - 2008
Type: pairing-specific archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (Wayback link)
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Coloured Grey was a Draco/Hermione fanfiction archive that was part of the Contra Veritas fansite.


The archive was created in December 2003 as part of Contra Veritas, though it was hosted on a separate site. It switched servers in 2004 and again circa 2005, when it moved to Contra Veritas's own domain and was automated with eFiction software. For the first couple years, updates were posted at the cg_updates LiveJournal page.

In 2008, both Coloured Grey and Contra Veritas began to have hosting issues and went offline, with plans of switching to a new server. However, only the webmistress had access to the site to move it, and although she had said she would be able to do so within a couple of days, she eventually disappeared and the site was never restored.

Contra Veritas admin Raffy posted about the status of the site in July 2009 and July 2010.


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