Coffee Time

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Title: Coffee Time
Creator: Sally
Format: wmv. mpeg
Length: 12MB, 31MB
Music: "Coffee Time" by Carmen McRae
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
Footage: original source material
URL: Download Links]

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"Coffee Time" is a The Sentinel vid by Sally. It is a gen vid.

Summary: A good cup of coffee keeps the Cascade PD running like clockwork.


This vid was recommended by Syncock aka Psych Girl on Crack Van on March 25, 2011: "All of Sally's vids are fantastic, of course, and a number of them have been recced here before. But this is one of my favorites. Originally The Sentinel was going to be filmed in, and take place in, Seattle, but when the creators looked at the bottom line, they quickly pulled up stakes and moved north to Vancouver, and changed the script to the fictional city of Cascade. But the love of coffee remained. Seriously, what do you expect from a show that, in the pilot, had one of the main characters saying, "we have... forty-two different ways of ordering coffee"? This vid is a perfect paean to that, and Sally does such a terrific job finding all those elusive coffee clips. Another reason to rec this vid is that Sally recently notified folks that she was planning to close her website. But fortunately some fen came through, and now you can find all her videos at the Brothers in Arms archive at the link above!"

This vid was also recced at Fancake by Magician in 2014: "Summary: Coffee (and doughnuts) is normally something associated with cops, but it was to the nth degree in The Sentinel. One of the first things we hear out of Simon's mouth is that Cascade has "seven kinds of rain and forty-two different ways of ordering coffee". He had a series of coffee machines gracing his office over the years, and a cousin who sends him exotic blends. Set to the song "Coffee Time" sung by Carmen McRae, Sally shows us just how often this brew of the gods shows up in our guys' hands. Reccer's Notes: The show's creators originally wanted to set the show in Seattle, but it became too expensive, so they made up the fictitious Cascade, which was somewhere not too far from Seattle. It's little wonder that grunge bands references, constant rain and emphasis on coffee were found throughout the show. Enjoy." [1]


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