Coat Tales

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Title: Coat Tales
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): October 2005
Medium: print
Fandom: Firefly
Language: English
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cover by Montana

Coat Tales is a 127-page slash Firefly anthology of fiction by J.M. Griffin. The cover is by Montana.

Author's Acknowledgments

First of all, thanks goes to sffan, for her early betawork of many of my stories. A good beta is a thing of beauty! Thanks also goes to Jamie R., Eileen P. and Judy D. for listening when I talked about Mai and Simon. I take great pride in having encouraged these three in their fledgling Firefly interest and turning them into die-hard fans. Special thanks goes to Randi for connecting me to Montana—and, of course, to Montana for the smashingly shiny zine cover done on one day's notice. Last, but not least, I simply must say a huge thank you to Mysti for taking on this last minute mission to get Coat Tales flying.

Happy reading, J.M. Griffin


  • Double-Edged Sword (1)
  • Cuts Both Ways (20)
  • Coup de Grace (37)
  • Mountain Refuge (54)
  • No Denying (65)
  • Of Boots and Books and Rolling Stones (70)
  • By Way of Sorrow (80)
  • Games to Keep the Dark at Bay (115)
  • Chinese Glossary (127)