Club Foot

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Title: Club Foot
Creator: Charmax
Date: 2006
Format: wmv, Xvid
Length: 02:30
Music: "Club Foot" by Kasabian
Genre: slash
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
Footage: original source material
*Vid on Vidder's LiveJournal
*Vidder's YouTube Page
*Vid on YouTube
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"Club Foot" is a Life on Mars (UK) vid by Charmax. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt. It was posted to the vidder's LifeJournal on May 7, 2006 and then uploaded to the vidder's YouTube page on December 27, 2008.

Vidder's summary: "This vid did my head in beyond belief. It contains footage from all 8 episodes but does not spoil any big plot points. It focuses on the relationship between Sam and Gene and therefore plays up the buddy cop aspect of the show. I call it a slash vid or you could just say it is Sam and Gene kicking ass."


This vid was [ recommended] by saintvic on Crack Van on February 27, 2009: "It focuses on Sam and Gene in Series 1 and manages to capture and highlight the important parts of the show and gets the tone spot on. The creator has chosen a brilliant song, picked perfect clips and put them together just right. The timing is spot on, it is action packed and full of energy and I adore it. And like one of the commenters at the vidder’s LJ I now permanently associate this song with Life on Mars because of this vid."