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Clean Vidding/Messy Vidding is a coin termed by Laura Shapiro and Luminosity.

From a comment by Laura Shapiro in 2003:
Regarding the clean/messy thing, at least as it relates to vidding, you'd have to ask Lum for confirmation of the following -- we sort of developed the theory together. But to me, what it means is that a clean vid starts and ends with an intellectual impetus, and (probably) the process is more intellectual, too. That is, the *idea* is the central thing that must be communicated, and that is supported by a fastidious attention to all the technical details. Ideas, in this context, shouldn't be sloppy. They are carefully articulated. They are clean.

Messy vids begin and end with an emotional impetus, and (probably) the process tends to be more organic. The *feeling* is the central thing that must be communicated, and while attention to detail (technical and other sorts of detail) is important, it need not be fastidious -- sloppiness, up to a point, will not impair the vid, because emotion isn't in the details -- clip choices and an inherent rhythm matter more than shaving two extra frames off a clip that might numerically, be too long. Messy vids, being concerned (usually) with big emotional impact, have the freedom to be messy.

And I do think this relates to writing too... [1]


  1. a comment by Laura Shapiro at Me, myself and my id (2003)