Clara Sheller

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Name: Clara Sheller
Abbreviation(s): N/A
Creator: Nicolas Mercier
Date(s): 2005-2008
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: France
External Links: N/A
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Clara Sheller is a two-season French live-action TV show that aired on the public network France 2, between 2005 and 2008.


The TV show focuses on mostly two characters, which are Clara, a journalist in her early thirties, and her best female friend, JP. They live together and give each other support, as they both are still looking for the man of their dreams, even if this is far from easy.

A third person joins the main cast, their new neighbor Gilles, for whom they both develop feelings. The relationships amongst the trio then becomes the center of the show.


The long hiatus between both seasons that resulted in the change of not only the three main actors, but another important part of the cast for the second season divided the fans, some only considering the first one as existing, though some others appreciate both.

During the emergence of the show, it found some good reception in Brazil, as back in 2006, there used to be a community on Orkut dedicated to Clara Sheller.

When it comes to fan productions, very few can be found online, letting supposing that the fandom might not be that big, even though clips are still posted on Youtube and Dailymotion. Yet, it seems interesting to note that how the LGBT themes and characters were important in the show have an impact on some fan productions. Indeed, some scenes are used in mash-ups of gay kisses on Youtube.

Two cases of clip theft nevertheless occurred in 2007, when the videos We're meant to be together and Shoop Shoop< by Aruna7 were reposted on Youtube with the credits cut off. After a while, and with the help of various people, including fellow vidders from the Stargate board Kawoosh [see discussion here], the stolen vid was finally deleted from the site.

Clara Sheller was also featured in Aruna7's video Live To Tell The Tale (2008).