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Mailing List
Name: City of Angel
Date(s): January 2001 to November 2005
Moderated: No
Type: Newsletter
Fandom: Angel the Series
Scope: General
URL: and
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City of Angel was a website with an affiliated Yahoo group for newsletter distribution.

It began in January 2001 and was especially active in 2004 when it was one of the sites participating in efforts to save the Angel series from cancellation. The end of the series quickly brought about an end to the group.

As of its last activity in 2008, it had 3,311 members.

message history


This newsletter is for Citizens of or anyone interested in being notified of the monthly updates to - the definitive source for the WB series, ANGEL. If you are a fan of ANGEL or BUFFY, please go to and register to become a Citizen. Also, if you are a webmaster of an ANGEL/BUFFY fansite you can add your site to a detailed search engine for fansites when you become a Citizen. is the only website of its kind offering this kind of connection between fans and fansites of ANGEL and BUFFY.