Circle of the Chosen

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Title: Circle of the Chosen
Author(s): Sharon Cross
Date(s): October 2002
Length: really, really long
Genre: slash
Fandom: Highlander/Sentinel
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Circle of the Chosen is a slash Highlander/Sentinel crossover by Sharon Cross.

Characters: "DM M J A Blair Jim OMC's and those Horsemen."

Story Parts

Part one - Return

  • The Welcoming
  • The Message
  • The Exposure

Part two - Anti-Game

  • An Empath
  • A Telepath
  • A Revelation

Part three - Chosen Ones

  • To Hunt
  • To Fear
  • To Shelter
  • To Watch

Part four - Anti-Gathering

  • A Time To Meet
  • A Time To Choose
  • A Time To Forgive
  • A Time To Beware
  • A Time To Sacrifice
  • A Time To Discover
  • A Time To Unite
  • A Time To Strike
  • A Time To Reclaim
  • A Time To Embrace

Part five - The Destruction

  • First Comes Disease
  • Then Comes Regret
  • Next Comes Chaos
  • Followed by Ruin
  • Pursued by Secrets
  • Haunted by Guilt
  • Chasing the Devil

Author's Notes

Warning: The stories archived on this website may be rated G, PG, R, NC17 or even X. They may contain graphic depictions of sex between men or between men and women. I can pretty much guarantee there won't be any sex between people and animals...but nothing is ever 100%. Vampires, Immortals, Jedi and other anomolies are fair game though. There may be violence, graphic violence, nudity, bad language or adult themes. There may be non-consensual sex, rape, partner rape, hurt/comfort, and mental anguish. There may be torture, sadism, masochism, bondage, or bad verb conjugations. There may be death, there may be a major character death. The ending may be happy or it may be really depressing. There may be much affection, cuddling and kissing. There may be an uneasy resolution. Over-the-topness is not guaranteed but is highly probable. There may even be a plot. Or, there may be none of those things. You have been warned.This material may not be copied or distributed without permission--we intend no copyright infringement, make no profit and promise to share. Welcome to the darkside of the soap opera. Comments may be be sent to Sharon Cross c/o (and this isn't nearly as tongue in cheek as it sounds.)

Reactions and Reviews

Susan [sic] Cross has written a great Highlander/Sentinel Crossover series called Circle of the Chosen

It has all the Highlander regulars - Duncan, Methos, Joe,Amanda and deals very cleverly with the Richie dead or not conundrum.

It has a Blair who becomes a Shaman, and an uptight Jim who gets to morph into his panther spirit.

It has a 'the world is doomed if we cant defeat this ultimate evil demon-plot.

It has Kronos and the rest of the Horsemen, dead but back again. It has kidnappings, rescues, assaults, attacks, alarums and excursions.

And, oh yeah, plenty of S-E-X between a Methos (who gets plenty of abuse, time out as a sex slave, and is sarcastic and neurotic) and a masterful, controlling Duncan. There's an OMC who is an ancient immortal who looks about 15 (Yup) and has special powers and a SECRET.

Its a very, very good series and well worth a read.

Why then only 6 1/2 out of 10? Well, it would have got 9 but for a flaw which cramped my enjoyment a tad.

The only major black character in it is a tad... stereotypical.

A huge, brutish, ugly, frightening rapist etc etc.

I kid you not.

Now, there's explanations as to why he's like that, and he's also got heroic aspects, and he's crucial to the plot, blah blah blah, and he does change somewhat, but PLEASE! This is the 21st century - sheesh!

It almost made me stop reading, but this is a great series and apart from that caveat, I can recommend it.

Plenty of cliffhangers.[1]
I agree with you totally. The characterization has kept me from finishing that story and I normally like to read Sharon's work. It almost put me off her writing completely. This is something I've seen a lot of in slash fandom. (Don't know if it's true for gen, since I don't read gen.) Most of the characterizations of any race besides white are . . . bad stereotyping. I don't think it is conscious racism, I just think that since most slash writers are predominantly white women -- with very middle class upbringings -- the fiction reflects some sad cliches they aren't even aware of. I think the only answer is to have more writers of color involved in fandom. One of the "big" TS writers Russ McMillian is rec'd and praised all over the web with her 'Body Snatcher' story. It's probably one of the most blatant, ugly pieces of racial stereotyping I've ever read -- almost bad enough to be parody. And everyone seems to love it.[2]


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