Circle In The Sand

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Title: Circle In The Sand
Creator: Masque
Date: 2003
Format: digital, Realtime Player
Length: 3:44m
Music: Belinda Carlisle
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: vidder's web page; streaming Youtube version

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Circle In The Sand is a Xena femmeslash vid by Masque. It was shown on 11 October 2003 at the By The Gods: The Reunion, London, England.

Vidder's Notes

"'Circle In The Sand' was, is, and always shall be my favourite, my masterpiece. The first 'Xena and Gabrielle as lovers' music video that I produced and the first time that I realised that I wasn't merely picking a nice song and throwing a bunch of clips together. This was something that I cared about and was beginning to discover that other people did too."[1]

Reactions and Reviews

""...they're going to be captivated, they're not even going to realise at the time but what they'll see is a piece of your soul up there on the screen - a creeping feeling in their stomachs that will stay with them, your vision will always be a part of their memories, even if they don't quite know it..." Sweet Nuisance [2]
I actually discovered this video a while back, but now I have to comment. First, "Circle in the Sand" is, bar none, my absolute favorite song. Ever. That said, you have create more that a work of art with this video. You have crafted an immortal masterpiece. I only wish there were an award for it. Bravo indeed."[3]
"As I said on another vid, the song and images are so well woven together. And one of the most haunting to me in all your vids is where Gabrielle is being taken by a demon while the song sings, "Oh, baby, anywhere you go, we are bound together, I begin, baby, where you end, some things are forever!" [4]
"Brilliant!! need i say more?? I loved "we are bound together, I begin, baby, where you end" and then how Gabrielle morphed into Xena[2:51] (loved that epi!!)and symbolism of the chakram at the"[5]


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