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Name: ci5mates
Type: fan writer, fan vider
Fandoms: The Professionals, H5O
URL: at Archive of Our Own
at LiveJournal
at Tumblr
at YouTube
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ci5mates is a Australian fanwriter for The Professionals fandom, known for his gen h/c works of Bodie & Doyle. Some of his older fanfictions were lost when The Professionals Lounge's website crashed and/out when his LJ profile was previously cleaned up.[1]

He participated in two editions of con zine for BistoCon, 2016 available for download here and 2018 -- available here. On his birthday, on April 26, 2021, the LJ user cloudless made a Bodie & Doyle puzzle of gift for ci5mates.

In your profile you can still find a small recommendation of links related to fandom:

Notable Works


  1. ^ Your LJ account has been created in 20 April 2009, and your last updated was on 12 December 2019. You can see some archived posts here on "ci5mates • LiveJournal". 2015-04-19. Archived from the original on 2015-04-19.