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Name: Christy
Creator: Catherine Marshall
Date(s): 1967 (novel); 1994 (TV series)
Medium: novel, TV series, TV movie
Country of Origin: United States
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Christy is a historical fiction novel by Catherine Marshall, published in 1967. The book follows Christy Huddleston, who in 1912 moves from an upper class family in the city to a rural Appalachian community to teach, the people that she meets there, and the men she falls in love with.

Christy was made into a TV series with two seasons in 1994-1995. Three made-for-TV movies with some of the same cast were released in 2000-2001.


There are two main ships in the story: Christy/David and Christy/Neil. Surely some fans have strong feelings towards one ship or another.


The annual ChristyFest festival is held in Townsend and Del Rio, Tennessee. The festival "is a tribute to and celebration of the beloved and best selling novel by Catherine Marshall, “Christy”, as well as the television series based on the book (1994-1995, the series was filmed in Townsend), and two made for television movies."[1]


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