Children of the Earth

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Title: Children of the Earth
Editor(s): Charles Tan, Colin Tan, Krista Gibbard, Arielle Jovellanos, Nneka Myers,Abigail Dela Cruz, Geraldine Rodriguez, and Pablo Leon
Date(s): 2015
Fandom: Avatar
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Children of the Earth is an Avatar: The Last Airbender art zine. It is printed in full colour, 6 x 9" inches, and perfect bound with over 50 pages. The zine went through two rounds of preordering and sold for $25 plus shipping.[1] Proceeds above the cost of production of the book were donated to, a charity dedicated to supporting classroom literacy and projects.

Featured artists

Abigail Dela Cruz
Angelica Russell
Anoosha Azhar Syed
Arielle Jovellanos
Beth Hughes
Caleb Thomas
Caroline Boyk
Charles Tan
Cody Shaw
Colin Tan
Denzel De Meerleer
Diane Quach
Edwardian Taylor
Fátima Anaya
Geraldine Rodriguez
Heather Campbell
Iris Y
Janet Sung
Jeffrey Lai
Jemely Jayme
Jemuel Bernaldez
Jeremy Jayme
Jessica Mao
Joanna Nieto
Justin Chan
Krista Gibbard
Krystal Pham
Kyrstin Avello
Laura Lewis
Lisa Buijteweg
Lisa Price
Marie Lum
Mayumi Nose
Megan Phonesavanh
Miranda Yeo
Mishie Del Rosario
Molly Applejohn
Nikkie Woo
Nneka Myers
Pablo Leon
Rosemary Travale
Royal Dunlap
Samantha Dodge
Sarah Leuver
Sarah Simes
Sarah Talbot
Shaun Bryant
Stephanie Evans
Tim Bauer
Teressa Ong


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