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Name: ChibiCon
Frequency: Annual
Location: Houston, Texas area
Type: Fan-run
Focus: Anime
Founder: Janet Varela and Jacqi Mathews
Founding Date: 2001
URL: (Wayback archive) (Wayback archive)
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ChibiCon and O-ChibiCon were anime conventions from 2002 to 2006(?).

ChibiCon was a half-day convention, and after years of growth it was changed to O-ChibiCon, a three-day convention.

Events included fanart showing/competition, cosplay showcase/skits, gaming, panels, anime and AMV showings, Hentai Fest, etc.


For over fifteen years, Texas fans of Japanese animation and Japanese culture had to travel north to Dallas or mid-west to Austin for anime conventions. Fans and guests alike were getting tired of traveling to conventions where four thousand plus people attended. The lines for panels and video rooms were long, and not enough hotel rooms to go around. People wondered why a city as large as Houston, Texas didn't have a convention of its own. It wasn't until the year 2001 when the Dynamic Duo of Janet Varela and Jacqi Mathews took it upon themselves to bring to Houston a convention like no other. But like all things on this planet, it started off small. Thus the original name of "Chibicon". Chibi, of course, meaning 'small'. It was a cute little half-day convention located in The Woodlands north of Houston. Back then, there were only fifteen people getting together for karaoke and some cosplay. Word soon got around and the numbers grew. More staff members, more attendees, more special guests. And then one day, ChibiCon received the blessings of Houston's very own A.D. Vision. After that, the little con flourished. Every two months from 2002-2003, almost one hundred and fifty people from all over Houston, Conroe, and The Woodlands witnessed Chibicon become too big for its "chibi" surroundings.

In 2004, O-ChibiCon was born. Still keeping everything on a small scale, O-ChibiCon changed a half-day con into a three-day con. But unlike other cons, there was plenty of space for people to relax and have fun. There were no more overcrowded lines for panels, dealer rooms, or autographs anymore. Even special guests were able to enjoy the convention as regular guests without being hassled a lot.

Every year, O-ChibiCon gets a little bit bigger. Perhaps one day, this convention will be well known in America. We may one day have to rename this convention "Dai-O-ChibiCon". But until then, we will make sure the people that have supported us for over five years will have a reason to keep supporting us. We will continue to listen to our guests' needs and wants. And we will try everything within our power to give Houston's anime fans what they want and need when it comes to anime.[1]


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