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Pairing: Chell/GLaDOS
Alternative name(s): ChellDOS, ChelDOS
Gender category: F/F or F/Other
Fandom: Portal
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: Popular
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ChellDOS is the pairing of Chell and GLaDOS in Portal. They are the two central characters in the games. Chell is a human woman and GLaDOS is an advanced artificial intelligence.


Tropes & Fanon



When Portal 2 was released some fans began to argue against Chell/GLaDOS, as the game gave a reference to an employee at Aperture having had an intelligent daughter named Chell. Though never confirmed officially, some assume Chell could have been the daughter of Caroline, the human form of GLaDOS before she became a machine. Thus those who subscribed to this theory saw Chell/GLaDOS as incestuous.

The popular but unconfirmed "Caroline/GLaDOS is Chell's mother" theory led to contention about ChellDOS, with argument between ChellDOS shippers and those who believe, as per this theory, that the ship is incest. The two groups interpret canon differently. For example, the "turret opera" song[1] caused much grief between believers of the mother theory and ChellDOS shippers, as who interpreted it in the context of familial love and romantic.[2][3]

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