Chamber Friends of Berlin

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Fan Club
Name: Chamber Friends of Berlin
Dates: 1990s
Founder(s): Uschi Behr, Monika Kerwin, Daniela Völker, Bob Kerwin
Country based in:
Focus: Beauty and the Beast
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Chamber Friends of Berlin or "Chamber Friends" was a German Beauty and the Beast fan club. Like The Helpers' Network US, the club offered a weekly answering machine recorded that offered updates on events. The fan club also published a subscription-based bi-monthly newsletter, the Chamber Friends Newsletter. The club also published at least one German-language fanzine, Beneath the Serpentine.

From their flyer in Tunnelcon #1: "To be as active as possible in supporting BatB. To be an outlet and forum for fans wishing to express themselves through writing, artwork, music and video. To keep the dream and feeling portrayed in BatB alive - no matter what they throw at us! But most of all, to promote tolerance of, and friendship towards one another."