Central Indiana Beauty and the Beast Appreciation Club

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Fan Club
Name: Central Indiana Beauty and the Beast Appreciation Club
Dates: December 1989-?
Founder(s): Mark and Kimberly Hartman
Leadership: Leslie Warstler
Country based in:
Focus: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Central Indiana Beauty and the Beast Appreciation Club was a fan club based in Muncie, Indiana.

It was "dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of a very precious commodity: Beauty and the Beast."

club card
page from club flyer
page from club flyer

"Why Join CIBBAC?"

Frankly, you don't have to join a club to enjoy BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, or even to help the show stay alive. You aiready have all the basic information you need. So why join? Because. Because it's a way to stand up and be counted for some thing you believe in. A way to stay informed about fandom and the show. A way of pooling resources which enables CIBBAC to reach out to locate and inform those fans who don't yet know fandom exists! A way to get buttons, t-shirts and other future goodies at discount prices... a way of putting your money uhere your mouth is. You say you support, love, and believe in B&B? PROVE IT. DON'T be passive, DON'T be complacent, DON'T assume "the other guy" will do it, because what if he doesn't? If BEAUTY AND THE BEAST means something special to you, if it's brought as much wonderfulness into your life as it has into mine, then how can you not want to give something back?

"Our Goals"

To promote the series to the press and other media, and to the general public; to help fans make contact with organized fandom; to keep the light, the dream—and the show— alive! Long-term goal: that CIBBAC will eventually cease to be the one and only active B&B club in Indiana; that many smaller, local groups will spring up around the state, with all of us forming a "Hoosier Helpers Alliance."


All Indiana fans are welcome, whether or not you plan to participate actively in club projects (though I hope you will participate! We need all the Helpers ue can get!) CHOOSE YOUR OWN LEVEL: "Honorary" membership — $1.00. This will keep your name on the "active" list; send your phone no. and you'll get the "red alert" calls (if any). $5.00—full member. You'll receive the CIBBAC club button, personalized with your name. $15.00 — you'll receive the button plus a sub ription to the CIBBAC NEWS, which will be published every six weeks, about 8 times a year. BONUS GOODIES: offered to paid members only: to encourage you to find "new" fans (fans not yet connected to fandom) in order to help build CIBBAC membership, everyone who sends in the names and addresses of 10 such new fans will receive a gorgeous 8x10 of Vincent and Catherine. (This is a one-time-only offer, limited to Indiana residents; names & addresses of other fans must also be Indiana fans. No time limit.) Memberships are for one year; make checks payable to CIBBAC.

"Club Policy"

CIBBAC POLICY: CIBBAC members are free to hold—and express-both positive and negative opinions regarding B&B. We (politely) insist that everyone must respect everyone else's right to hold the opinions that they do. Much hard feelings could be avoided if it's kept firmly in mind that opinions are the reflection of each fan's individual tastes, and therefore cannot be called "right" or "wrong." However, CIBBAC will not promote or participate in any organized attempts to petition the creators of future BEAUTY AND THE BEAST stories for any reason. We are adamantly opposed to anything which smacks of "do what I want — or else." Honest emotions, honestly expressed, will always be listened to; demands will be rejected out of hand. We're B&B fans — as representatives of such a high quality show, I feel we must all do our part to keep up a good image for its fandom, and demands for the impossible are not helpful or supportive. Just annoying. Whether or not "Catherine" returns depends solely, completely, on Linda Hamilton; the role will never be recast. If you can support nothing else, ue strongly plead that you support and remain loyal to Ron Perlman and his decisions, for the sake of his priceless gift to us — Vincent.