Casualty Slash

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Name: Casualty Slash
Owner/Maintainer: Jon Snow
Dates: 07 February 1999 - 08 December 1999 (last update)
Type: author page, archive, fansite
Fandom: Casualty
URL: (Wayback)
Casualty Slash.png
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Casualty Slash was a website created and maintained by Jon Snow and dedicated to slash fanfiction based around the UK medical drama Casualty. It had stories, pictures, links and a guestbook.

The page was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[1]

By the end of 2001 the maintainer took the site offline:

"I am sorry to inform you that Casualty Slash is no more. I haven't watched Casualty in ages (we're talking years here) and neither have I updated this site since 1999. I hope I haven't dissapointed anyone (yeah, right!). Happy slashing! Jon Snow."[2]


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