Case Closed, Cerrado

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Title: Case Closed, Cerrado
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan and Jody Norman
Date(s): 1997
Medium: print
Fandom: Houston Knights
Language: English
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Case Closed, Cerrado is a gen 171-page Houston Knights anthology. Cathy Schlein is the front cover artist.

front cover, Cathy Schlein


From a distributor, Agent With Style: " Lundy can tell his hot-headed partner, "Case closed," and even repeat it in Spanish, "cerrado," but that doesn't mean LaFiamma knows how to take a hint. He's a cop first and foremost, and when he's caught a scent, not even Levon Lundy can keep him from following it to its end. And when he gets there, Levon will be right by his side. Partners who watch each other's back and are there, no matter what. Case closed? Not hardly!"


  • Weekend Special by Pamela J. Corsa ("Joanne sends LaFiamma and Lundy on a weekend trip that turns deadly.") (12)
  • Second Hand News by Londa Pfeffer ("A missing scene from "Burnout." Lundy learns that his partner has turned in his badge and gun.") (29)
  • Pawns by Valerie DeVries ("An informant is dead, LaFiamma is framed, and Lundy's after the man who nearly killed his partner.") (32)
  • A Promise is a Promise by JoeyPare ("Let's just say that LaFiamma is having car trouble! Big time! But that's nothing compared to what an innocent comment by Lundy is going to mean.") (52)
  • The Other Side of Living by Jody Norman ("Could it be true? LaFiamma's dead? Lundy thinks so, and so does Uncle Mikey. But what about the stranger called Michael?") (winner of 1998 FanQ) (64)
  • Debts Paid in Blood by Londa Pfeffer ("LaFiamma always knew this day would come. A favor is owed, but it's one he can't make good on, and that just might cost him his life.") (103)
  • Double Wedding by JoeyPare ("The title says it all - Lundy and LaFiamma tie the knot. (No, it's not a slash story!") (125)
  • Taking a Bite Out of Crime by W.J. Gross ("LaFiamma and Nick Knight search for drug dealers while Lundy and Joe-Bill play practical jokes.") (crossover with Forever Knight) (135)