Cascade Library Interview with Yvonne S. McCool

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Cascade Library Interview with Yvonne S. McCool
Interviewer: Cascade Library
Interviewee: Yvonne S. McCool
Date(s): November 29, 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 1999, Yvonne S. McCool was interviewed for Cascade Library.

Some Excerpts

(I enjoy writing] dramas, AUs, and humor. Smarm is my least favorite in that it proposes that you set out with the goal of the sicky sweet, but if it comes up naturally that's totally different. I've never written a missing scene story.
[My beta readers?] I won't name names, as they are all currently in twelve-step programs to stop the madness of fan fiction. I will generalize them though--I have The Comma Lady, The Medical Knowledge Lady, The Plot Lady, The More Violence Guy, The More Sex Guy, and The Overall Tone Twins. I have yet to have a story where one of them didn't find something *everyone* else missed. Not once. It's eerie.

When they see this un-betaed piece they will throw up their hands and cry "Have we taught her nothing?"

My betas have made me a much better writer. There are a lot of things I can point to in my writing that I can directly attribute to their kind guidance. I've learned more from them than in sixteen college hours of technical writing courses. [Tosses cyber-roses and throws cyber-kisses]
I can't think of the title or the author [of the first fan fiction I read], but it was a gen ST:TNG story about Worf and Riker stranded after a shuttle crash.
I also have this other idea. I've had several people write stories in my universes. I never mind that they want to do that, I just never put their stories in my storyline. Anyway, I had this idea where I would set up an AU specifically for this purpose, then invite other people to write stories in this universe. The rules are that the stories *must* be betaed (not necessarily by me, but I want them edited), and they have to give permission for me to post them on my website. They can post them anywhere else they like or archived where ever they like. There will be gen and slash universes to play in.