Cascade Library Interview with DawnC (2009)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Cascade Library Interview with DawnC
Interviewer: Cascade Library
Interviewee: DawnC
Date(s): June 9, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here, Archived version
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In 2009, DawnC was interviewed for Cascade Library.

Also see, Cascade Library Interview with DawnC (1999).

Some Excerpts

I created SentinelAngst (SA) to provide a steady stream of gen h/c or angst fanfiction. By requiring people to submit at least short fanfictions, SentinelAngst ensures that Sentinel fanfiction continues. SA has proven to be a prolific repository for gen fanfiction, and has helped ensure that all members have regular access to general Sentinel fanfiction.
I see writing in general as a means to express ideas or concerns about real life issues. Some of the best stories are those that highlight societal issues without being "preachy". They encourage genuine thoughtfulness in the reader about serious issues and promote dialogue about the "what ifs" scenarios that can help members of society form educated ideas about issues that affect them and those around them.
I think my heart will always be with the angst genre, but hopefully with touches of humor. Humor is admittedly a very difficult genre to write well, and my tastes in humor are pretty defined. I like darker humor or unique situational humor (not the slapstick variety), so when I do incorporate humor in my stories, it almost always has some element of hurt/comfort or angst; I feel humor is richer when balanced by more psychologically intense situations.
You know, [copyright law and fanfiction] is such a complex area, that I dare not even try to cover it in this kind of arena. That being said, I think that any studio, network, or production company that tries to stamp out fanfiction is likely fighting a futile battle and risks diminishing their fanbase. Many fans have started watching shows specifically because they discovered them in fanction (through cross-overs, for example).