Cascade Library Interview with Danae (2009)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Cascade Library Interview with Danae
Interviewer: Cascade Library
Interviewee: Danae
Date(s): April 13, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2009, Danae was interviewed for Cascade Library.

Also see Cascade Library Interview with Danae (2000).

Some Excerpts

Yes. I started out with Danae, which is my middle name. More recently though, I've been using it in conjunction with the Cherokee word for kitten, which is wesv. I've even used Wesv by itself. It's pronounced Way-suh. I'm not Cherokee; I just like the language, and it's easier than the Muscogee Creek language, in my opinion, which is part of my heritage. So, I sort of have three. I have no idea what prompted me to use my middle name other than the fact that my email addresses have always included it.
... I explore the same relationship that they could see on the TV screen. I may stretch them a bit, but I don't think I have ever turned them into someone else. Which was one of my problems with the direction the show took at the end. Even in Wages and Rewards, Jim may have seemed like an ass, but he had his rather misguided reasons. I wrote about a man who made some mistakes, but, at the core, thought he was doing what was right at the time. That is Jim. The Jim in TsbyBS was not the man most of us "knew."
Definitely have OC's. I use them lots of ways. Using them in fan fiction for me means that they have to have a clear purpose in the story and have to drive the plot in some way. If I could do the story without an OC, I do. If not, then I have to have an OC. The trick is not to have the OC take over the story. As for creating them, not a problem for me. It's one of my favorite parts of the whole process. I use a variety of ways to build a "real person." I suppose you could still say it is a challenge though, because I do want a "real person" to be the end result, so that's the challenge. My OC's are some of my favorite people! :-) Especially the Devereux Agency.