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Name: Camp Fandom 2.0
Dates: planned for March 21-22, 2009, did not occur
Location: Illinois Institute of Technology, McCormick Tribune Campus Center
Focus: fandom and profit, wikis, fandom
Founder: Laura Hale
Founding Date:
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Camp Fandom 2.0 was a planned 2009 event sponsored by Laura Hale.

It was a marketing/information program related to fandom and fans and leveraging those things for profit; it was probably as much a plug for Fan History Wiki than anything.

The event was cancelled. "This event has been cancelled by the organizers because of SXSW fatigue. We hope to reschedule in the fall in Chicago in order to be fair to our presenters. If you're interested in helping organize, please contact purplepopple." [1]

flyer -- When posted to the Fan History Wiki blog, Laura Hale wrote: "The above flyer is intended for printing and sharing! Please pass it along to anyone you think might be interested in attending! :) It should be a great event!" [2]


Description by Laura, November 8, 2008:
I’m a big, big fan of barcamps and unconforences. They’re great fun, awesome learning experiences and a neat way to network. Since I attended RecentChangesCamp back in May 2008, I wanted to run a fandom specific one that dealt with the back end up of fandom. Some of the issues that fansite maintainers, community maintainers, wiki helpers, convention runners, gamers have are unique. Some of them are not so much. They can just feel that way when you’re busy struggling to figure out how to deal with problems. Getting the chance to network with people dealing with similar issues can be a challenge.

So we’re happy to announce Camp Fandom 2.0. It is being held on Friday, March 21 and Saturday March 22, 2009 at Illinois Institute of Technology, McCormick Tribune Campus Center. Camp Fandom 2.0 is free to attend and is geared toward the back end of fandom: Businesses operating in fandom, fansite maintaining, running conventions, being a dealer at a convention, people who are computer and web programming in the fan community, people producing vids, art and fan fiction, etc. If you’re a company involved with entertainment or fansite who want to demo your newest site or product, this camp is for you. If you’re looking to recruit people to help you or some one who wants to get more involved and looking for a project, attend! If you’re looking for people in the fan community familiar with issues of being involved in fandom and how to deal with those challenges, Camp Fandom 2.0 is also for you.

As we get closer to the event, we’ll post more details. If you have any questions, let me know. We’re also looking for volunteers to help run Camp Fandom 2.0. [3]
Description by Laura, March 2, 2009:
Camp Fandom is a BarCamp being held in Chicago on March 20, March 21, 2009 at Illinois Institute of Technology, McCormick Tribune Campus Center? The event is intended for Chicago's creative people who are trying to figure out how to use fan space to more effectively promote themselves, for fans looking to become more involved with the back end of the communities they are part of and entertainment companies looking for more exposure, fan fiction writers looking to find out how to get more readers. It is about supporting the structures that support our love of popular culture and learning how to support them better. [4]

From the flyer:

Camp Fandom 2.0 is for fans, fansite maintainers, entertainment companies, conventions dealers, convention runners, gamers, professional authors, and fan artists, people who have some investment in entertainment, fandom, or the fan community. The topics should be geared around the web, social media, on-line activities, computers, gaming, mobile phones as they pertain to that topic. Camp Fandom 2.0 is about the back end of fandom, the support structures that go into being a fan."

From the flyer:

Who will present at Camp Fandom 2.0? You! You! And you! Camp Fandom 2.0 is a barcamp. Presentations are open to anyone. ... Topic ideas include:
Going from fan to professional.
Challenges in running wikis that deal with fans.
Recruiting support staff for your fansite, LiveJournal community, wiki, company.
  • How to get readers for your fan fiction and viewers for your fan art and fan vids.


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