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Name: Camelot Kink
Date(s): 09 December 2008 (founding date)
Moderator: ramtops_witch
Founder: ramtops_witch
Fandom: Merlin
URL: camelot_kink (LiveJournal)
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Camelot Kink is a Merlin community for all things kink based on the BBC's Merlin. The subtitle of the community is Because what's more kinky than a fandom that actually has stocks and dungeons? Slash, het and multiple partners welcome.

This journal is for anything kinky related to BBC's Merlin. Kink fic, art, whatever. Any and all pairings welcome. Please however, note the pairing, kinks and rating of your fic outside of a lj cut. All posts over 100 words should be cut. All posts must relate to the topic. Kink is, as you understand, is in the eye of beholder, but, like poetry, we feel you will know kink when you see it and we welcome it with wantonly open arms. We are specifically here to help foster of love of getting those boys and girls to let their wild thang free.