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Name: Callisto's Tales Fan Fiction
Date(s): March 1997 - 2001
Archivist: hudsonian73
Founder: hudsonian73
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (2000, Wayback) (1998, Wayback)
Callisto's Tales Fan Fiction.png
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Callisto's Tales Fan Fiction is an archive for Callisto-centric stories of all ratings. The story listings don't contain specific rating details, but they do include warnings for graphic violence, cruelty, objectionable language, and mentions of sex.

The stories are sorted by:

  • New Story Submissions and Updates
  • Alphabetical Listings by Title
  • Alphabetical Listings by Author
  • Alphabetical Listings by Story Type

The page includes a link section for some other websites to visit.

Site History

March 1997 saw the opening of the CALLISTO TALES fanfic site, the first on the Web exclusively dedicated to one of the supporting players on XWP.[1]

In February 2001 the intro page read: "Welcome to the newly revamped and renamed Hudson Leick Fan Fiction Archive. I'd like to welcome Randel August on board as my new co-moderator. The new title graphic was done courtesy of Mr. August. I changed the name of the site to reflect Hudson's changing career as she moves away from the captivating Callisto character she played and finds new characters to amaze her fans with."[2]

In January 2002, the page was gone and the intro page was replaced by this note: "I apologize to all who came here expecting to see fanfiction stories. Due to some tampering from a fanboy named Randel August, all the files have been removed. So the site will be temporarily under construction. Please bear with me and thanks."[3]


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