California Arrow

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Title: California Arrow
Publisher: The Herald's Hall of California
Editor(s): Christa Miller until September 1991, then Julie Wright
Type: newsletter
Date(s): August 1989-?
Frequency: bimonthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Mercedes Lackey
Language: English
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California Arrow is a gen Mercedes Lackey newsletter.

It was the newsletter for The Herald's Hall of California which became Golden Grove.

The "Arrow" came out bimonthly and included con dates, book reviews, biographies of members, places to go, and so forth.

A October 1989 description:

WELCOME TO THE "CALIFORNIA ARROW"! Christa Miller, Arrow's editor-in-chief and Herald's Hall of California mavin, has produced TWO issues between our last and this one! And already it's doubled in size!! Plus it's fun and informative, not always easy to do.

Christa gave " cheers and congrats to Stephanie Shaver, also a QO member, for having one of her stories accepted by MZB for Sword & Sorceress 7, out in 1990. Stephanie, by the way, is 14 years old. We most enthusiastically add our "Way to go, Stephanie!"

We were particularly flattered that Christa said she modeled her newsletter after QO, mimicry being the sincerest form of flattery, we've always been told. And, too, the lady gave Chris Kunstt kudos for his advice, proofreading, and general-all-'round support. If you'd like a sample of this lively missive, send Christa a SASE." [1]

In June 1991, Miller stepped down as editor: "The Herald's Hall of California was the first regional chapter of Queen's Own. Christa Miller sent out a consistently high quality newsletter. Unfortunately for those of us who enjoyed reading the "California Arrow", Christa is gafiating. (To gafiate is to "get away from it all". The term is usually used when Mundania insists on taking up so much of one's time that fannish activities have to be curtailed.) Is there anyone in the California area who would like to keep the chapter going?" The new editor was Julie Wright. [2]