Cake Wrecks

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Name(s): Cake Wrecks
Abbreviation(s): Cakewrecks, CW
Scope/Focus: cakes
Date(s): May 2008-current
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Cake Wrecks is a very popular blog by Jen Yates that features unintentionally hilarious cakes. It has received numerous awards and led to two books and several tours.

Fannish Engagement

Fans recreate their favorite wrecks, often with great skill, and sometimes combine several wrecks into one. During the Cake Wrecks tours, fans are invited to bring cupcake versions of their favorite wrecks which are then judged in a contest. Jen Yates calls these copies "wreckplicas".

Fans have also made t-shirts[1], a "dress a wreck" game [2], vids[3], poems [4] and other fancrafts. The Carrot Jockey, a legendary wreck that became the logo of the site, is a frequent subject. Fan tributes are regularly featured on the blog.[5]

On Sundays the blog occasionally features fannish cakes.



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