CT of Death

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Title: CT of Death
Editor(s): David Bickerstaff and Alistair Hooley
Date(s): 1988
Medium: audio cassette
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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CT of Death is a Doctor Who tape zine on audio cassette.

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About Tapezines

A brief innovation in the mid-80s was the Tape zine, fanzine recorded on to audio tape. Here we have three major contenders, the longest running of these was The Master Tape, then, in my opinion, the best of them all, Tranquil Repose and finally the idiosyncratic CT of Death. All three of these were very entertaining affairs and it is a pity that this particular form of fan communication has not found its way on to CD. There was, at one point, a video zine as I recall, but this was at the time when blank videos were still quite expensive and again this particular medium never really caught on. [1]

About CT of Death

The Doctor Who tapezine that defined a generation! This was recorded by myself and Staff (David Bickerstaff) during the summer of 1988 at a time when we were obsessive Doctor Who fans. The title "CT of Death" was a sort of humorous combination of "CT" (Celestial Toyroom - the magazine of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society) and "City of Death" (a classic Tom Baker Who story). A "tapezine" is a fan magazine recorded on audio tape, rather than a printed publication. To put the recording in context, it was made shortly before Season 25 of Doctor Who which was Sylvester McCoy's second season. The tape features such delights as a comparison of the Pilot episode and Episode 1 of An Unearthly Child, a two-part epic review of Directors in Who, a review of the work of Donald Cotton, various "comedy" sketches, and a prize quiz! Strictly for Doctor Who obsessives, the zine will be largely meaningless to anyone who hasn't seen every Doctor Who episode and who has never engaged regularly in critical discussions with other Who obsessives. The tapezine was advertised in DWB "Doctor Who Bulletin" (now Dreamwatch) for a sale price of about 30p. Customers had to send us their own blank C60 tape for us to record onto. We also recorded a second issue which I hope to put on the site in the near future. This featured contributions from listeners of the first issue, including a play by one Paul Magrs who went on to become a Doctor Who book writer and proper author! [2]


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