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Newsletter Community
Name: c6d_weekly
Date(s): 3/31/2008 - July 2010?
Moderator: akamine_chan
Founder: akamine_chan
Fandom: 6 Degrees of Canada
URL: c6d_weekly

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c6d_weekly is a newsletter community on LiveJournal. It was founded March 2008 by akamine_chan, after some discussion with aingeal8c about the need for a weekly newsletter to cover more than just the due South fanworks.

A poll was conducted by akamine_chan to determine the interest in a newsletter community covering the C6D fandoms, and soon after c6d_weekly was created.

The number of fandoms tracked by c6d_weekly is currently 72-ish. The number of LiveJournal communities and other websites watched is over 100. The newsletter is posted every Monday night.

The newsletter has been inactive since July 2010.