Bulletproof Heart: A Barret Zine

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Title: Bulletproof Heart: A Barret Zine
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2020-2021
Medium: PDF, Print
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Language: English
External Links: Twitter Tumblr
Zine Cover
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Bulletproof Heart: A Barret Zine is a charity zine dedicated to the character Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII.


Interest checks for the project ran from September 19 to September 27, 2020[1]. Shortly after, project also opened applicaitons for a social media mod from October 6 to October 18, 2020[2]. Contributors could apply as an artist or writer from November 6 to December 6, 2020[3].

Preorders began on May 1, 2021 with the following pricing tiers[4]:

  • Light Machine Gun ($15 USD) - Digital Zine
  • Smackdown ($25 USD) - Physical Zine
  • The Big Shot ($40 USD) - Physical Zine, Buttons, Mini Art Prints, Sticker Sheet
  • Big Barret ($60 USD) - Physical Zine, Buttons, Mini Art Prints, Sticker Sheet, Wooden Pin, Acrylic Charm, Wooden Charm

The digital version of the zine could be added onto physical orders for a reduced price of $5 USD. A giveaway for a Big Barrett bundle was run from May 15 to May 24, 2021[5]. The winner was announced the day after the giveaway's end to be Twitter user rejayn[6].

All preorders were announced to be shipped by September 10, 2021, and digital versions of the zines were released on the same day[7]. Leftovers ran from November 12 to November 27, 2021[8].

As a final post, the project announced that they had donated the $2,303.25 USD they raised to the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition[9]

Project Schedule
Start End
Interest Check September 19, 2020 September 27, 2020
Mods Applications October 6, 2020 October 18, 2020
Contributor Applications November 6, 2020 December 6, 2020
Preorders May 1, 2021 June 4, 2021
Shipping - September 10, 2021
Leftover Sales November 12, 2021 November 27, 2021


The following names were taken from the project's social media account[10].

Page Artists

Merch Artists




  • Ari (ignisgayentia) - Organization, Shipment, Writing
  • idefix (faufix) - Art, Merch
  • V (fvrrons) - Graphic Design
  • neutruel - Layout, Formatting
  • Minty (sunlightspells) - Social Media


Fan Reception

The following posts are a sample of posts retweeted by the project's social media account about the zine.

Mimi wrote on Twitter

Got my awesome @barretzine goodies in today!!! I love all the Papa Barret and Marlene content! <3[11]

amy wrote on Twitter

I bought the digital PDF of this zine and it's a treat. Barret genuinely deserves all of the nice things and this zine felt like such a heartfelt dedication to him. Bravo to the mod team. 🙏[12]

Elle wrote on Twitter

I'm reading through my Bulletproof Heart zine and I love it 😍😭 Seeing all the fanart is so heart-warming too![13]

v wrote on Twitter

I got my @barretzine this weekend! It was a joy to create the amazing logo and overall design vibe of this project! It's a beautiful zine for a wonderful character. 👏🏾💚 Everyone did an awesome job![14]

Wren wrote on Twitter

I feel extremely lucky to have worked on such a great project with @barretzine and all the super talented people in it, everything went to such a great cause and it’s my first piece of work in print! Love y’all ❤️[15]

rose/lireside wrote on Twitter

Ahhh it finally came!! ;A; I can't believe I'm seeing my penname in print!! Thank you @barretzine for letting me take part in this fantastic project with so many cool people! ( ´ ▽ ` ) ♡[16]

rejayn wrote on Twitter

@barretzine finally arrived this morning and wow! The charms, the stickers, the postcards are so pretty, I love everything! Thank you so much to all the incredibly talented people who put together such an amazing project! I still can't believe that I was lucky enough to win 😭🙏[17]

Mabs wrote on Twitter

My copy of the @barretzine came in and W O W!!

What absolute QUALITY. I had really high expectations for this zine but they were far exceeded—from the paper choice to the matte finish to the excellent merch. This is a perfect zine. Big thank you to the mods & other contributors!![18]

lunarstorms wrote on Twitter

My contributor copy for the @barretzine finally arrived and BOY was it worth the wait! You can just FEEL the hardwork and love put into this from everyone, down to the smallest detail and it truly was an honor to have been a part of it 🥺💕Thankyou SO much for having me![19]

Blue wrote on Twitter

I got my leftover package from @barretzine!! I was so sad I missed the preorders and so lucky to get my hands on these cuties!! Barret deserves all this love. TIME FOR AN AVALANCHE OF JUSTICE![20]