Bridge (X-Files story)

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Title: Bridge
Author(s): Maria Nicole
Date(s): July 10, 2000
Length: 123K
Fandom: The X-Files
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Bridge is an X-Files story by Maria Nicole.

Summary: "Mulder and Scully deal with the aftermath of their little trip from Field Trip, and confront an old case."

Reactions and Reviews

I’m giving up on [the ep] “Field Trip.” Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I’ve watched it three times now, and I still don’t get it. Is it about the nature of illusion and reality? Is it about watching Mulder’s wildest dreams come true and Scully’s deepest fears unmasked? Or maybe it’s about how their partnership is so awesome that Mulder and Scully can form a Vulcan mind-meld and solve an X-File, all while under the influence of a hallucinogenic, carnivorous fungal organism? Fortunately, Resident Troll has obligingly offered to take this one off my hands.

I do have fanfic recs for you. “Bridge,” by Maria Nicole, is a casefile/episode-tag for “Field Trip,” which also resolves the “hiding in the light” X-file. Yes, I did rec it for “Folie à deux.” It’s such a wonderful story that for the benefit of those who have joined us recently, I’m reccing it again. It takes place shortly following the events of “Field Trip.” Mulder and Scully check themselves out of the hospital early when Mulder spots a reference to Pinkus in the local paper. He wants to go monster-hunting. Scully knows it’s a bad idea—in fact, Skinner has them both on medical leave–but she’s not letting him go without her. The hallucinogen hasn’t metabolized out of their systems, which means that Mulder and Scully are still sharing consciousness, including their dreams.

“Bridge” is a beautifully written story, with spot-on characterizations, magnificent dreamscapes, and thoughtful plotting. No one has written better dialogue for Mulder and Scully. The first time I read this fic, I cried tears of joy. Yes, it’s really that good.[1]


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