Bride of St Germain

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Song Title: The Bride of St. Germain
Composer: Jordin Kare
Lyrics: Jordin Kare
Subject: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's vampire books
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The Bride of St. Germain is a filksong by Jordin Kare, probably written in the early 80s when Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's books about Count de Saint-Germain were popular. He performed it live at several filksings, including several years at Baycon,[1] but it has never been recorded. The lyrics are not publicly available because Yarbro is anti-fanworks and has been known to threaten to file suit against fanwork-creators who use her characters.

The song is an angsty love-ballad about the loneliness of the ages, the fear of never having companionship, and the unexpected delight of finding a mate, someone willing to face the sorrows and share the joys of a very long life, isolated from all other human beings.

The chorus for the first few verses is:

And who is the she who will come with me
And be the bride of Saint Germain?

The final chorus, after he has found his beloved Olivia Clemens, ends with,

I've found the she who will come with me
And be the bride of Saint Germain.
Despite Yarbo's efforts to erase the existence of the song, discussion does crop up from time to time. In 2001 a fan asked:
I heard from a friend that Chelsea Quinn Yarbro successfully prevented someone from recording a filk song about her St. Germain stories by threatening to sue them over it. Now, this slightly confuses me. The way I always understood the copyright laws to operate, parodies are permissible. Was this a case of the filk songster unnecessarily wimping out, or would Ms. Yarbro have had a valid legal argument here?"[2]


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