Breaking the Ice

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Title: Breaking the Ice
Author(s): Tin Mandigma
Date(s): May 20, 1999
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
External Links: Part 1 on YahooGroups[Dead link]

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Breaking the Ice is a Card Captor Sakura story by Tin.

Author's summary: Now 18 years old and dating, Sakura asks Syaoran to help her buy a present for her brother Touya so as to help the two of them get along better.

It inspired Icebreakers by lazulisong.[1]


  1. ^ "3.) For Tin, since I adopted the original idea and then ran screaming away with it, as she egged me on with the Eriol x Tomoyo bit..." lazulisong in the end notes to Chapter 1.