Bounty Hunting Season

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Bounty Hunting Season
Author(s): DesireeArmfeldt
Date(s): 2013-04-09
Length: 1923 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: due South
External Links: at AO3

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Bounty Hunting Season is a due South story by DesireeArmfeldt.

Reactions and Reviews

If I'm being honest, our fandom is pretty stuck on guys. Considering that those guys are Fraser and his Rays, that's not too surprising. Loving on them alone is doing due South's awesome female characters a disservice, though, and there are some good stories in them as well. "Bounty Hunting Season" is one of those stories. When Maggie MacKenzie and Janet Morse meet at Maggie's detachment up north, Janet's on the trail of a shithead from Montana (I apologize on behalf of my home state). This is a short fic, only a meeting and testing each other's mettle, but it's great characterization of both women. From biases and preconceptions about each other's lines of work and truly epically bad days on both their parts, they recognize in each other the strengths that they value. This fic takes the tedious and painful parts of law enforcement as seriously as (and probably more realistically than) the show and reckons each woman's willingness to work the rules as necessary. Maggie's as good at doing what is right as her brother is and Janet's not just in it for the money. I would love to see a longer work by Desiree Armfeldt following Maggie and Janet's team-up, but as it is, I'll be content with this fic. [1]


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