Both Sides Now (Star Trek: TOS vid)

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Title: Both Sides Now
Creator: T'Gin
Date: 2009
Length: 3:26
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
URL: here

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Both Sides Now is a Star Trek: TOS K/S vid by T'Gin.

Reactions and Reviews

This is amazing. It's fabulous how she can get an entirely different meaning by using close-ups and switching to black and white. [1]
Oh, I really like this. Different. She really is good, this TGin. [2]
She's done a fine job with the blending of images - I especially like the one of Kirk looking as if he's about to cry and then Spock's sobbing in the next frame. It's kind of a sad vid, but we know they're together in the end and that makes it alright. It's kind of inspirational to see Kirk and Spock in love, and there are so many snippets from the series that show it clearly. [3]
WOW! T'Gin's vid is beautiful, isn't it? She chose some wonderful facial expressions and uses great skill to pair them up, so they echo each other. The chemistry shown is unique and unforgetable. It made me a K/S fan all over again! [4]


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