Born From The Waves

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Title: Born From The Waves
Editor(s): Eiirywn, Xhici, Kai, Liv, Raye, Mara
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2020-2021
Medium: PDF, Print
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Language: English
External Links: Twitter Tumblr
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Born From The Waves is a charity zine celebrating the character Naminé from the Kingdom Hearts games.


“Born From The Waves” is a charity zine project celebrating Naminé. We focus on her character as a whole. The project’s theme will be based on her time and adventures in different worlds throughout the entire series. Our intention for this project is to celebrate our favourite character, adore her, and spread happiness to all of her fans out there![1]

The zine was first teased on the project's first social media post on September 10, 2019[2]. The project was properly announced with an interest check running from January 6, 2020, to January 19, 2020[3]. contributor applications opened on January 29, 2020, and closed on February 15, 2020[4]. When application responses were sent out on February 23, 2020, the project reported 169 individuals had applied to the zine[5].

Preorders went live on August 29, 2020, with the following pricing tiers[6]:

  • Digital Stars ($10 USD) - Digital Zine, Cover Art Wallpaper, Icons
  • Cryaon Memories ($25 USD) - Physical Zine, Stretch Goals
  • Linked Palettes ($35 USD) - Physical Zine, Postcard, Print, Sticker Sheet, Charm, Stretch Goals
  • Watercolor Waves ($45 USD) - Physical Zine, Postcard, Print, Sticker Sheet, Charms, Button, Stretch Goals
  • Pastel Dreams ($55 USD) - Physical Zine, Digital Zine, Digital Merch, Postcard, Print, Sticker Sheet, Charms, Button, Acrylic Standee, Pearl Bracelet, Stretch Goals

Stretch goals included Washi tape at 50 orders, a memo pad at 100 orders, and an enamel pin at 150 orders[7]. A giveaway for a full bundle and all stretch goals was organized from September 21 to September 30, 2020[8]. The winner of this giveaway was Twitter user nozomimi01[9]. Preorders originally were expected to end October 28, 2020, but were extended to November 15, 2020[10].

During the project's production phase, the zine team posted an update on February 27, 2021, explaining difficulties with their charm manufacturer[11]. The team were unable to get a sample on February 18th because the designer for the charm was on a holiday and hadn't shown the mods the design yet. The team later found out that the designer had not made the sample because they were waiting for the charm design to be approved. Then they were informed by the manufacturer that the production of the charm would not start until March.

Shipping of physical orders began approximately April 10, 2021, while digital zines would be sent out on April 17th[12]. All orders were shipped by April 25, 2021[13].

Leftover sales began on June 15, 2021[14]. All physical merch sold out by August 29, 2021[15]. Leftovers closed on August 31, 2021.

On September 12, 2021, the project announced that $3,005 USD was donated to the Surfrider Foundation[16].

Project Schedule
Start End
Interest Check January 6, 2020 January 19, 2020
Contributor Applications January 29, 2020 February 15, 2020
Preorders August 29, 2020 November 15, 2020
Shipping April 10, 2021 April 25, 2021
Leftover Sales June 15, 2021 August 31, 2021


The following names were taken from the project's social media account[17].

Page Artists

Merch Artists



  • Eiirwyn - Lead Organizer, Social Media
  • Xhici (xhici_thefujo) - Co-Organizer, Graphics
  • Kai (kaicean) - Finance, Shipping
  • Liv (ScoobySnack1107) - Artist Mod
  • Raye (peachyraye) - Writer Mod
  • Mara (seastrings) - Intern


Fan Reception

The following posts are a sample of posts retweeted by the project's social media account about the zine.

Alfred_The_Goober_Butler wrote on Twitter

My @NamineZine came in! Namine is my favorite female Kingdom Hearts character and I’m so happy to be able purchase this zine ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

#kingdomhearts #namine[18]

Goats wrote on Twitter

My copy of the @NamineZine. Shoutout to the mail carrier who yeeted the package up onto the second floor cuz he wouldn't take the stairs.[19]

BlissfulNightRain wrote on Twitter

Also got my @NamineZine today ahhhh! It was so worth the wait, everything is so beautiful and I’m so excited to flip through the book! ❤️

Imma start with my girl @PaintedWPalette’s fic first 😍[20]

soda wrote on Twitter

its here!!! @NamineZine!!! i am so fucking happy this is the first time i bought a physical fanzine and i am so so so happy the first time is a fanzine for namine she is one of my fav kh characters since i was a little girl so i am so !!!! happy and hyped!!

thank you @NamineZine and every artist and writer sho participated in this fanzine!!! thanks for the love, fan art and fanfics for namine and every love yall give to this amazing character!! thank u !! thank u!!![21]

Lima!! wrote on Twitter

eeee i got my naminé zine a few days ago but i've been super busy with rl stuff that i wasn't able to flick through it straight away! today, i sat down and fully admired the entire book and i'm so amazed as it's absolutely beautiful!! 💙✨[22]

Aebriel wrote on Twitter

I got my digital copy of the @NamineZine and oh my god everything is so beautiful, I'm even more excited for my physical copy to arrive. Y'all did amazing, the zine is absolutely gorgeous, it's the love that Naminé deserves. 💖[23]

Riss wrote on Twitter

Got the best package in the mail today! My @NamineZine has arrived!! Thank you to all the amazing artist that collaborated to make all these beautiful items and for giving Naminé the love she deserves! 💕[24]

ru wrote on Twitter

Thank you @naminezine for all of your hard work and time spent making this zine; the pieces inside gave me so many emotions.[25]

WondyWorld wrote on Twitter

It's here!!! And boy did it make my day!!

Thank you @NamineZine team!! You all did a wonderful job!!! I am wowed at how amazing this all came together!!!

So happy to know there is so much love for our girl Naminé!!!!

I love this so much!!!![26]

Hadai wrote on Twitter

Today, I got my Namine Zine! This was the first zine I have ever participated in and it was such a delight! I feel so fortunate to have shared this experience with such talented people and such kind and generous mods!

I hope that the next zine I'm in will be just as enjoyable![27]

Kari wrote on Twitter

Lovely lovely @NamineZine! This project came out so beautifully, everyone's work is so stunning, it's what our girl deserves. Thank you so much for all your efforts!! And thank you for the lovely personalized note, modteam, you're stellar![28]

Kenzichi wrote on Twitter

My copy of the @NamineZine is here! Everyone’s work turned out so beautiful! When I opened the package it was like I got a nice, big present! Thank you for letting me be a part of this project! It was a joy to work on ✨ #kingdomhearts[29]

Odd Cinderella wrote on Twitter

MY BRACELET FROM @NamineZine and @findyourwayart! I really wanted their bracelet! It's SUPER PRETTY! 🥰🥰🥰 #PaopuFruit #Namine #KingdomHearts[30]


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