Bondage Quarterly

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Title: Bondage quarterly
Publisher: Richard Schenkman
Editor(s): Richard Schenkman
Type: Newsletter
Date(s): 1978?-1991
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: Print
Size: Letter
Fandom: James Bond
Language: English
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The Bondage quarterly was the newsletter of the James Bond 007 Fan Club. It began in 1974 and folded in 1991. It reviewed the various movies. and sold merchandise based on those films.

v.3, no.2 (Aug 1980) Included news on Moonraker

v.3, no.3 (Dec 1980) Included news and pictures on For your eyes only

v.3, no.4 (Jun 1981) Included news on the books; License renewed by John Gardner and The illustrated James Bond 007.

v.4, no.2 (Sep 1983) Included news on Octopussy

v.4, no.3 (June 1984) Included news on From a view to a kill

v.4, no.4 (June 1986) Included news on Pierce Brosnan and The Living Daylights

v.5, no.1 (Apr 1987) Included news on Timothy Dalton and The Living Daylights

v.5, no.2 (Apr 1987) Included news on The Living Daylights

v.6, no.1 (Aut 1988) Included news on License revoked

v.7, no.1 (Spr 1991) Last issue (?) with news on License to Kill