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The first known fan-made Bonanza music video (then known as a "song vid") was created by two fans, Carol Sullivan and Linda Kirsch, in 1979. The two fans connected two VCR's, using VHS tapes, a timer/stop watch and a record player with a microphone. These were used to dub music over selected clips to create a "song story" of scenes matched to the lyrics of John Denver's, "Perhaps Love". This now "primitive" process was painstakingly difficult, at the time, and the end result was shared with a small group of Bonanza fans in Oceanside, New York, at a casual fan gathering.

Bonanza "VCR" vidding was further developed by fans for the Official Bonanza Conventions held at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, when various music videos were created to be shown at the cons held in 2002,2005, and 2009.

With the age of digital vidding, many Bonanza fans are becoming avid fans of vidding. The majority of vids are devoted to the original cast of the series and fans can enjoy a variety of songs that include easy listening to faster paced tempos.

Bonanza TV Music Videos (Fan-Made Vids)

Paying homage to the television series, Bonanza, and its stars: Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker and Michael Landon.

YouTube link to Bonanza Fan Vids Channel