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Title: Boldly Going (formerly called "Planet Talk" or "Planet Walk")
Editor(s): Tim Priebe
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1993-?
Frequency: bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: all incarnations of Star Trek
Language: English
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Boldly Going is a newsletter that encompasses all incarnations of Star Trek. Regular features include "Worlds from the West," Star Trek news, book reviews, readers' comments, pen pals, humor, "Tech Walk," and more.

A subscription to this newsletter included their fiction zine by the same name, a 28-page anthology with color covers.

From a 1995 flyer posted to rec.arts.startrek.misc:

" Planet Walk has been producing a quality 24 page bimonthly fanzine since 1993. Join us, since we are now bigger than ever! Now Planet Walk is 28 pages long, and we're offering subscriptions, which include our annual fanzine! (The annual is 28 pages, color front and back cover. A $5 value.) For only $23.20, you can get a full year of Planet Walk! That's 6 regular issues, plus the annual! You can also subscribe for two years for $44.08, saving 5%! For this price, you will get a total of 12 issues of Planet Walk, in addition to 2 annual fanzines! Please note: The annual fanzine is exclusive to subscribers!

Write to Planet Walk and enclose is your check or money order (payable to Tim Priebe) for either $23.20 for one year or $44.08 for two years. (Canada: $25/$47.50) (Foreign: $37.60/$71.44) Or, just buy a sample issue of Planet Walk, for $2.85. (Canada: $2.95) (Foreign: $4.75) Planet Walk's address is [address redacted]

An additional note: Our current issue (May/June, Volume 3, Issue 3) is all about Klingons, and our next issue (July/Aug., Volume 3, Issue 4) will be about Star Trek: The Animated Series."