Bohemian Like You

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Title: Bohemian Like You (Multifandom Vid)
Creator: PR Zed
Date: May, 2005
Format: real media
Length: 15MB
Music: "Bohemian Like You" by Dandy Warhols
Genre: humour
Fandom: The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch, Due South, Man From UNCLE
Footage: original source material
streaming and download at AO3; The Circuit Archive
PR Zed Website (password required)

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"Bohemian Like You" is a multifandom vid by PR Zed. It premiered at MediaWest*Con in May, 2005. It won first place in the Slash Humourous Vid competition at MediaWest, 2005. It also won a Video Elite Award in July, 2005.

Vidder's Note: "Murphy stepping up beside Bodie in Foxhole on the Roof was one of the key images that made me think I could actually pull off this bit of insanity. Didn't turn out too badly, either."