Bluescale Blues

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Title: Bluescale Blues
Author(s): Elviraprose
Date(s): September 2015
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Bluescale Blues is a Avon/Blake story by Elviraprose.

The story was published in September 2015 by Aralias in Pride and Prejudice, a Blake's 7 zine.

Reactions and Reviews

This may well be my fav fic of yours, btw? Like, all the emotional tangles just *work*. There *might* be a reading of this where Avon's not--v probably totally wrong/unable to see this situation, but basically it manages, for me, the really tricky think of being DEEP in his pov and also telling me--incidentally he is so tragically mistaken about half this or more.[1]
this is really brilliant, and i'm very pleased you let me put it in my zine. also - that you put fisting AND sex tape in one mega fic of sexy kinkiness. and made both kinks make sense for blake as a character - perhaps the fisting less so, but we're all happy to think of him having an oral fettish and you just turn it round and say, you observed the right thing (i.e. finger biting) but interpreted it wrongly. and i love that you lay that (again - you're v good with this) right at the beginning with avon noticing the thing about the hands, twice, and then it leads into the fisting which then seems totally reasonable. and as much as i love the way it's described in the sense of it being sexy, i also love all of avon's thoughts about how even the most intense sex isn't enough to make himself truly rock blake's world/how blake can not have spent his life doing something so non-revolution centric, and how he's freaked out about doing it but GOING TO DO IT THE BEST. all of that is awesome. and it's also sexy. i wonder how often blake does watch it afterwards...

also, it's a shame that he turned the recording off in the middle, because it has some lovely stuff that maybe he could remember around the sex, and which is certainly implied by the fact that in the next scene avon is fisting him - but avon being persuaded by him, and the two of them laughing together and being completely on the same page... it just screams that avon loves him and vice versa. and they kiss, and avon grins sexily. i guess maybe blake didn't want to record avon rejecting him. AS IF. although also maybe he is giving avon a chance to say no in privacy (AS IF). anyway - that bit's really nice. and would actually be nicer to review during the night probably. but it's your choice, blake.

i feel like i have more to say about why this is great (the trust stuff is really good, avon feeling like wearing a SHIRT is being half undressed, his terrible fear that blake will realise that he enjoys the sex... that is really good, the idea that he had really boring sex with tynus too because he is such an epic loserface, him aching to be with blake when they aren't sleeping together... ALL GOOD). but maybe i will leave it there for now. i really like this fic, though. good fic, good kinks, good sex writing, good avon feels. good stuff.[2]


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