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Name: Blue Reviews
Owner/Maintainer: Ruth Gifford, Ellen Ross
Dates: 1997 – 1999
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Blue Reviews was a website created to host fic reviews.

It was associated with ASCEM.

The website was created by Ruth Gifford and Ellen Ross.


About the reviews. Ellen Ross and I have been talking about doing reviews, and I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Ellen and I do not have the exclusive right to review TrekSmut. We will, of course, review what *we* like and not review things we don't find appealing. Sooo . .. Perhaps some of you have stories you like and want to review. Feel free. There is no formal structure to it, although putting the standard alphabet soup and the location of the story at the top of the review might be a good idea.

Because many of us who write and/or post a lot to ASCE/M often get asked for recommendations and so on, I'm going to put up "The ASCEM Blue Review" (or "ASCEM What they Think" -- that's not mine BTW) page so we have a place to steer people to. If you post a review to ASCEM that you want archived where people can look at it (the page will be listed in the ASCEM FAQ), mail it to me [email redacted] and I'll archive it. If you don't mail it to me, I'll assume you don't want it archived and won't pick it up (although I may ask for it hoping you just forgot). I'll be posting the URL to ASCEM Blue soon.

This is a game for all the family (provided they're of legal age, of course). It's an exhibition, not a competition, so please Ladies and Gentlemen, no wagering.

The ASCEM Blue Review Wish List:

Reviews of Romances (het or slash)
Reviews of Humor
Reviews of DS9 Stories
Reviews of . . . well, at this point, Reviews of everything.[1]
Call For Blue Reviews. Hi again! As I mentioned, I'm going to be updating the ASCEM(L) Web Page, which includes adding a couple of reviews that have been waiting very patiently in my inbox (including yours, OdoGoddess  :-) ). In that spirit, I'd like to encourage people to try their hand at reviewing stories. I see the Blue Reviews as a place to help newcomers (and those of us who usually only read certain pairings) work their way though the tons of stories in the archives. If you decide to review a story, go ahead and post it to ASCEM(L), but I would really appreciate it if you also send a copy my way [email address redacted]. If for some reason, you want to post a review, but don't want it on the review page, say so at the beginning of the review and I'll leave it alone." [2]


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