Bloodline (Airwolf zine)

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Title: Bloodline
Publisher: Agent With Style
Author(s): Lorraine Beasley
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): May 2012
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Airwolf
Language: English
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Bloodline is a gen Airwolf 190-page zine by Lorraine Beasley.


Summary from the publisher: "Who is Ginny McBride, and why does her sudden appearance at Santini Air, seeking out Dominic Santini, throw the old man into a tailspin and set him at such odds with Stringfellow Hawke that it threatens their friendship and their ability to work together, even as Airwolf's crew? In this spellbinding novel by Lorraine Beasley, what secret from the past is threatening everything that Santini holds dear? What is Dominic hiding, and what could it possibly have to do with Hawke's long-dead father?"